Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WAMBATOSIS - A Creative Jumpstart for Your Next Meeting

I often get asked for suggestions for some sort of creativity exercise to include in a meeting to act as a spur, energizing the participants and getting their brains ready for a full day of work. I have many in my arsenal, but recently came across one called Yamodo! It's a game that was developed by Bill Phelps based on an activity that he used to participate in with his friends using a cocktail napkin. He's now moved past the cocktail napkin and come up with a pad of made up words. Each page has a fictitious, but fun to say, word at the top of the sheet. There's also the start of a doodle. The premise of the game is to have the first person add to the doodle and start the first part of a definition for the word. The sheet is then passed to the next person who adds to the doodle and the definition. It's a great way to get people's creative juices flowing and have some fun. Who knows, you might even come up with a word that becomes part of the popular vernacular (maybe not country-wide, but at least company-wide). Check out the website for more information and a whole slew of inspiration starters: And don't forget to do the hakpado every day!